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Welcome to the Men's Ministry at Central Baptist Church! Our mission is to empower men to grow in their faith, build strong relationships, and make a positive impact in their families, church, and community. We believe in equipping men to lead with integrity, humility, and courage as they pursue a deeper relationship with God.

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What We Offer

  • Bible Studies: Engage in deep, meaningful discussions as we study God's Word together and grow in our understanding of Scripture.

  • Fellowship Events: Join us for regular gatherings, outings, and activities designed to foster friendship, camaraderie, and bonding among men.

  • Service Projects: Get involved in service opportunities and outreach initiatives that make a positive impact in our church and community.

Connect With Us

Associate Pastor

BJ Brooks

Associate Pastor

Pastor BJ Brooks leads our Men's Ministry with passion and dedication, empowering men to grow in faith, leadership, and service. Join us as we journey together under his guidance.

empowing lives through faith
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