Our Beliefs

We believe that God loves all people, despite their past or present condition, and that every activity of the church should reflect God's love for people.


We believe that Jesus is our only hope for salvation. It is only by His perfect life, His death on the cross, and resurrection from the dead that our sins can be forgiven. You must believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord to be forgiven.


We believe that the church's mission is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world and make disciples of those who truly place their faith and trust in Jesus.


We believe that the Bible is the foundation and rule of all our Christian life, practice and doctrine. The Bible will act as our guide in following Christ, loving and serving one another, and settling any dispute within the church body.


We believe that each member of the church should be fully devoted to Jesus Christ and seek to be filled with the Holy Spirit so that each person increasingly bears the fruit of the Spirit in their lives.


We believe that God gives spiritual gifts to every believer and encourage each believer to find a place of service within the body to discover and faithfully use their gifts to the glory of God and building up His church.

We believe in the Baptist Faith and Message